The Art of Becoming

Mark John DeYoung is an international designer with proven ability to design, and provide innovative branding solutions on-budget and on-time. Organizational and process skills enhance Mark’s skill set in design, photography and writing. His ability to be a positive inclusive leader while advocating strongly for voice of customer enables short-cycle development and adoption of effective brand and promotional communication. Mark’s highlights include:


Increasingly engaged at corporate level to build creative solutions that enabled users to stay on-message and on-brand. Created presentations for senior executive press conferences and speaking engagements around the globe including the international air shows in Paris and Farnborough. Collaborated with international team of 4 to focus message, distilling complex data to clear, easily understood communication.


Extensive experience with publication, interactive and promotional design, including design projects that extend in both the digital and print arenas. Led initiative, designed and built Digital Asset Management system. Websites built with Experience-Oriented design processes facilitated brand consistency, while interface improvements resulted in 60% reduction in search time. Experience with collaborative and participative design processes.


Extensive experience in higher-education and business training. Currently Head of Design, Mark continues to develop and teach the breadth of the design curriculum in the university design program. Curricular development is based on international curriculum survey, industry survey and university demographics. Developed and led corporate training seminars. Seminars on Writing, Presentation and Persuasion were based on industry best-practice and business site tools.


Extensive product photography program with safe, professional capture and processing methods to ensure all images were readily available from high-end print quality to online resolutions. Spearheaded database development process that allows for meta-key word searching on multiple inputs to minimize search time.


Designed customer-focused, on-brand Proposal templates based on industry best practice for major aerospace company. Developed massive commercial and federal proposals, FAR/iSO 9000. Coordinated input from international team of stakeholders. Proposal design enabled evaluators to find key solution points quickly. Continual evaluation through metrics, including win-rate, facilitate an increasingly effective and simple to use template.